Case Studies

Here are few projects and their short descriptions. Please contact us for more details.

GetPeg is a venture of Beezibit with SmartWorld Innovations LLC. It provides The Smarter and Safer Lost & Found Labels to user.

GetPeg connects finders to owners without compromising privacy. It uses everyday technologies by keeping information secured.

This service is for all of us who occasionally misplace or leave behind our valuables, and wish it had some labeling that could help the finder to return it, but are not willing to take chance with scammers who could misuse their actual contact information. It is useful for Frequent traveler, commuters, pet-owners and parents of school-age-kids.

Various new technologies are used and has used top notch cloud platforms to host it.

This is an upcoming startup of all about musical journey.

Beezibit acted as a technical advisory and developer for this exciting work. It was launched in September in the UK and currently adding enhancements identified in the test drive. One can view the videos of the released product.

The technologies involved were Java, Hibernate, MySQL. We helped in the area of database design & server side development. AWS & Rackspace were used as cloud platforms.

This is a mobile app built to train people to improve memory for remembering people. It is based on the mnemonic theory of associating people faces with their names. Android app is completed & is on test drive. IPhone app is under development. The backend engine is deployed on Redhat's openshift cloud platform.
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